The only true voyage of discovery […] would be not to visit strange lands but to possess other eyes, to behold the universe through the eyes of another […]

Marcel Proust


Long before it was a song by the Police or a film based on the book by Nicholas Sparks…

…a Message in a Bottle suggests the idea of escaping isolation. It brings to mind a desert island and a castaway who desperately wants to communicate. We feel this happens in many companies, castaways of communication and marketing.

We believe that for every company there is a perfect solution and for every product there is a market. Fundamentally, we want to break this isolation and make ourselves part of our clients’ success.

This was what led to the creation of Message in a Bottle, a way of responding to the SOS in Sting’s song. That is why we brought together experts in media and public relations, marketing, creativity, design and online, into a single team.

We began working in the Tourism sector, where we quickly established ourselves as specialists. But our work extends far beyond this into the sectors of agrifood, decoration and lifestyle.


We work every day to increase the communication of your brand.



Our international network of agencies, specialised in tourism and lifestyle

We want to offer a better service to our clients. That’s why we’ve joined the Travel Lifestyle Network, the biggest international network of agencies specialising in Tourism and Lifestyle, so we can guarantee the visibility of your business worldwide.

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